Expert panel beating services in Morwell

Repairs and professional panel beating in Morwell

Whether you’ve had a crash, want to repair old dents or hail damage, or just want a new colour for your car, we have the solution. Call us for professional and trustworthy panel beating services in Morwell today.

Car crash

At Vella's Panel Works, we know that you never plan to have an accident. But when you do have an accident, Vella's Panel Works is the place to call. We can arrange for a tow truck to collect your car 24 hours a day if needed. We can assess your car straight away. We are accredited by most insurance companies, making the whole smash repair process easier for you. We now have a new ppg color spectro, EZ calipre measuring system and wether speed bench to ensure your repairs are spot on and your color match perfect  We are the leading company for panel beating in Morwell. Contact the smash repair specialists today.


Our talented staff can completely respray your car to its original colour, or a colour of your choice. In Australia, the elements can be quite harsh on your car, and if you don’t have the benefit of undercover car parking, it’s easy to watch the paint on your car slowly fade over the years. As well as the damage done from time, hail damage is another common problem in Australia. Vella's Panel Works have the tools to repair dents, and in some cases, complete a paint free dent removal. Call us today to find out more. 

Car that has received panel beating in Morwell